Quality unearthed: Treehouse hideaway 30ft up in backgarden nets farmer £200-a-night

Treehouse hideaway 30ft up in backgarden nets farmer £200-a-night
(Picture: QualityUnearthed/BNPS)

Charging people to visit a treehouse sounds like a scheme Bart Simpson might come up with to earn a few extra pennies.

But a farmer is making £200 a night after branching out into the hospitality industry – and his guests are happy to pay to bask in leafy luxury.

The hideaway he has created – nestling in woodland on the farm – has electricity wired in and is equipped with a double bed, fully-stocked kitchen, shower and basin.

(Picture: QualityUnearthed/BNPS)
(Picture: QualityUnearthed/BNPS)

Instead of a humble rope ladder, sturdy metal steps help trippers make the 9m (30ft) climb to their abode among the boughs.

And if gets chilly, they can just light up the wood-burning stove before snuggling down to watch TV.

‘It’s not about going back to nature – it’s about going forward to nature,’ said Tim Rees, whose agency Quality Unearthed lets out the property near Honiton in Devon.

‘You’re high up in the trees, secluded among the foliage, but at the same time you have all the comforts.

‘It’s so romantic that since it was launched there have been three marriage proposals there.’

(Picture: QualityUnearthed/BNPS)
(Picture: QualityUnearthed/BNPS)


22 May 2014 | 9:02 pm – Source: metro.co.uk

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