Queen To Take Jeremy Kyle DNA Test After Richard III Revelations

Royal News: The Queen is set to appear on a special episode of The Jeremy Kyle show after analysis of DNA from Richard III has suggested evidence of infidelity in her family tree.


Scientists who studied genetic material from remains found in a Leicester car park say the finding might have profound historical implications and bring the Queen’s claim to the throne into question.

Her Majesty is expected to appear on a special edition of ITV’s Jeremy Kyle Show where she will take a DNA test in order to ‘settle this matter once and for all’.

Buckingham Palace insiders say her Majesty has grown ’sick and tired of people chatting shit about her family’ following the news of the DNA tests on Richard III’s remains.

“Liz just wants to to stop all the gossip about her bloodline,” said one Royal source.

“She can’t even place a bet down the Windsor Ladbrokes anymore, without some smartarse making a snide comment.”

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3 December 2014 | 5:55 pm – Source: thepoke.co.uk


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