Rail workers cheated death after leaping out way of 100mph train

Terrifying moment rail workers were nearly hit by 100mph caused by human error
The workers were lucky not to have been hit (Pic: NAIB/PA)

Nine rail workers are lucky to be alive after a narrow miss with a 100mph train.

They were repairing part of the West Coast Main Line in Lancashire when the train sped past.

Now an official investigation has said human error was to blame.

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A report by the Rail Accident Investigation Branch reveals they were working on a bend, and were warned about oncoming trains by radio.

But that system failed, and it could have been a disaster.

The workers jumped off the tracks, getting out the way just four seconds before the train sped past at 98mph.

The report ruled: ‘The incident was caused because a lookout did not give a warning, either because he operated the wrong switch on his radio transmitter by mistake, or because he forgot about the need to send a warning during an intended delay period between seeing the train and operating the warning switches.

‘This delay was because he was positioned on a long section of straight track and could see approaching trains for significantly longer than the time required for the work group to move into a position of safety.

‘A previous RAIB recommendation intended to mitigate this risk had not been implemented due to administrative errors.

‘It is probable that the lookout’s vigilance had degraded as he had been working continuously for almost two hours.;

The incident happened on September 22 last year on a stretch of line south of Hest Bank between Carnforth and Lancaster.

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18 July 2015 | 7:00 pm – Source: metro.co.uk


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