Raspberry Pi shifts three million units

The Queen is shown the Raspberry Pi stand

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has shifted three million units of its eponymous machine the Raspberry Pi.

The Pi went on sale in February 2012, later in the US, and sold a million units relatively quickly.

Two million was not far behind, and two years and two months after first going on sale it has moved three million units, or roughly the same as the Amstrad CPC sold in six years.

The numbers were revealed while the Foundation was at Buckingham Palace introducing the Queen to the hardware at the UK Tech Reception.

The Pi has already been received favourably by the Duke of York, and it appears that the prince took some of the lead during the demonstration, as head of communications Liz Upton wrote on the Foundation’s blog.

“Prince Andrew came to visit us here at Pi Towers last year. We gave him a Raspberry Pi when he left, and were really chuffed to discover on Monday that he’s been using it; he’s also very well-versed in our charitable mission and our work with teachers and kids,” she wrote.

“It was very strange, and rather brilliant, to hear him introducing what we do to the Queen, and to talk to him about industrial applications for the Raspberry Pi.”

Upton said that it was during Prince Andrew’s earlier visit that the Foundation reached two million shipments. She added that the number was hit last month, but  that figures take a short while to come through.

“Back in October, when Prince Andrew visited, we were celebrating the sale of our two millionth Raspberry Pi,” she said.

“We were able to announce the sale of the three millionth Raspberry Pi (which actually sold over a month ago – the way we work with manufacturing partners RS Components and Premier Farnell means that our receipt of sales figures lags behind the actual sales by several weeks).”

Meanwhile, according to Upton the Duke of Edinburgh (DoE) was rather more interest in the sartorial efforts of Raspberry Pi Foundation creator, Eben Upton:

DoE: “Your company is doing well?”
Eben, beaming: “It is. We have just sold our three-millionth unit.”
DoE: “So you can afford to buy a bloody tie then.”
Duke of Edinburgh scampers off to next stand, cackling.

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11 June 2014 | 1:39 pm – Source: v3.co.uk

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