Reddit user Sorthum produces ‘new boastful sex spreadsheet,’ which unsurprsingly doesn’t work out too well

Man produces 'new boastful sex spreadsheet'
This mas was apparently enjoying his sex life until he made a critical mistake (Picture: reddit/ Sorthum)

Hot on the heels of a sex spreadsheet being published on the weekend, another man has also apparently made one, although we’re not sure how legit it is.

According to reddit user Sorthum, unlike the husband who was exposed by his wife after writing a document last week, he had enjoyed regular sex.

But that was all set to come to an end, because ironically, he produced a spreadsheet detailing his love making.

His version of the list showed his wife had agreed to have sex with him 19 days in a row, which was very different to the previous man whose partner had slept with him three times in two months.

The last note in Sorthum’s document showed his wife had refused his request for sex on day 20 because he ‘f***ing made a spreadsheet about it.’

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