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Only about 10% of the ingredients used to make beer end up in your glass, but the products from Regrained help to put some of that back on your plate.

Brewing beer takes a lot of grain, but only a small percentage of that makes it into the finished product, while the leftover barley and other grains goes into animal feed, compost, or is used as a medium for growing mushrooms or as a feedstock for generating biogas. And with some 6 billion pounds of grain being used by the brewing industry each year, the spent grain, as it’s called, is a huge potential resource for other industries, such as food manufacturers, which could turn them into food for people, as ReGrained is doing.

Using spent grain as an ingredient for other foods, either as whole grains or as flour, isn’t a new idea by any means, but ReGrained is trying to put it back into your hands by turning some of the grain from craft breweries into healthy and sustainable granola bars, so you can eat a beer while you’re drinking a beer.

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ReGrained currently makes two flavors of their natural food bars, a Honey Almond IPA and a Chocolate Coffee Stout, with spent grain from local Bay Area breweries, and rumor has it the company is also working on producing a granola, cookies, and breads.

The founders of ReGrained, Daniel Kurzrock and Jordan Schwartz, began fermenting their business plans after learning first-hand about how much spent grain is leftover even on a small scale from a homebrewing operation. After numerous spent grain recipe attempts, the ReGrainers developed a great-tasting version of a granola bar, and are working to close the loop with a sustainable product made from spent grain from microbreweries.

“Spent grain contains fiber, protein, and as most curious homebrewers inevitably discover, it has a unique texture and flavor. For these reasons (in addition to the fact that baking with something that was already used to make beer is fun), we find spent grain to be an ideal baking ingredient. Our vision is to build recipes around spent grain through a wide variety of baked products. From granola bars to breads, cookies, cereals, chips, and more—we will develop delicious products that maximize the offerings of spent grain.” – ReGrained

Find out more about what ReGrained has to offer, and how to order some for yourself (about $2 USD each), at the website. ReGrained products contain no alcohol.

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