Research reveals men are NINE times more likely than women to be killed during a shark attack

Men are NINE times more likely than women to be killed by a shark
Research found men were nine times more likely to die from a shark attack then women (Picture: Design Pics Inc/REX)

As our society strives for equality it seems that sharks (aka the universal baddies) are intent on pushing us back a few steps as research reveals that men are nine times more likely to be killed by the predators than women.

Men are targeted in 84 per cent of all unprovoked shark attacks and 89 per cent of all shark attack fatalities are men.

The research by Bond University in Queensland, Australia, is part of a wider study into shark attacks which has shown a threefold increase in ‘unprovoked’ shark attacks between 1981 and 2011.

Report author associate professor Daryl McPhee said researchers were surprised by the findings, and suggested that many water sports such as surfing have more male participants than female, which might account for their increased risk.

He told The Telegraph: ‘Potentially men spend more time in the water, and are more risk-prone.’

The research also found Australia (where else?) to have the most shark fatalities with 171 attacks, 37 of which were fatal, whereas the United States recorded 769 attacks but only 25 fatalities over the past three decades.

Professor McPhee suggested these odd results may be due to the smaller sized sharks in the waters around the United States.

He also speculated that the high death rate in Australia may be because Australian’s have ‘an obvious love and affinity with the water’.

We should probably point out the research doesn’t actually suggest that a shark won’t attack you if you are a woman, so regardless of your gender remember to take care in the water.

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