Rockstar announces GTA Online “Flight School” update

It’s the update that we’ve all been waiting for: Finally an easier way to take command of a jet and fly high above the skies of Los Santos. The update adds a bunch of missions, new cars and new costumes – but crucially you get to fly planes.


Check out Rockstar’s trailer:

The “Western Besra” training jet is new to the game, along with a bunch of other new craft – including a 16-player transport plane. Parachutes have also received an upgrade – with it now being possible to carry a reserve chute, in case your first one fails. And there’s a bunch of new national flag designs too.


There’s also new game modes for planes – such as “Acquire Targets” – a capture the flag type mode and Air Force Zero, in which one plane must be protected as it flies towards a landing zone.

The update is due to hit 360 and PS3 tomorrow. We can’t wait.

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