Roisin Pelan: Woman with breast cancer has mastectomy days after giving birth

Woman with breast cancer has mastectomy days after giving birth
Roisin Pelan, daughter Ivy and Ivy’s father Michael Brown (Picture: Ross Parry)

A mother who found out she had cancer during her pregnancy has had a breast removed – days after giving birth.

Roisin Pelan had to be induced when she discovered the tumour just a month before her due date.

She was relieved when baby Ivy was born healthy – but feared she might not live to see her grow up.

After the mastectomy operation, however, tests showed the cancer had not spread.

‘I had a meltdown after the mastectomy,’ the medical secretary said. ‘But I have to keep reminding myself how lucky I was.’

Roisin Pelan
Roisin and Michael at hospital a with tiny Ivy. Roisin underwent surgery six days after the birth (Picture: Ross Parry)

Ms Pelan, from Preston, was moisturing her body to avoid pregnancy stretch marks when she found a lump in her left breast.

Within days, doctors had confirmed it was malignant – leaving her desperate to have her baby without delay.

She said: ‘As awful as it sounds I just wanted the birth out of the way. I wanted this cancer out.’

The 32-year-old began a course of chemotherapy after her operation – preventing her from feeding 2.9kg (6lb 7oz) Ivy from her remaining breast.

Partner Michael Brown, 29, said looking after Ms Pelan as well as their newborn daughter had been ‘pretty mental’.

But he added: ‘She’s been very brave. She’s brilliant.’

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