Rok Mobile’s music streaming SIM costs £25 per month (Wired UK)

Rok Mobile

American mobile network Rok Mobile has landed in the UK and combines minutes, texts, data and music streaming all for one fixed payment every month. 

Rok is technically a mobile virtual network operator (MNVO) which means it piggybacks on the infrastructure of an existing network — in this case Three — but provides its own services and packages.

So is it offering a good deal? Sign up to Rok Music and you’ll be sent a free SIM — always a great start — after which, you have to pay £25 per month. This might not sound like a super deal initially, but when you consider that you get a free streaming service thrown in (these usually cost £10 a month) then it starts to look a little more attractive. Bundles in with the music service are unlimited texts, unlimited minutes and 4GB.

“Rok Mobile is bringing something new to the market and appealing to an audience that feels music should be a basic feature of any mobile internet service. We chose Three as our partner network because we are confident it will provide us with the scale and data capabilities that our service requires,” said Rok Mobile director James Kendrick.

To take advantage of the music package users will have to download an app from the Apple Store or Google Play. Rok’s music service is powered by 7digital, which will give subscribers access to a catalogue of 20 million songs, and allow them to save up to 2,000 of these for offline listening.

“We are delighted to be involved in the UK launch of Rok Mobile as we have worked with Rok in the US for a number of years and believe their service offers a great music experience for mobile users,” said 7digital CEO Simon Cole.

If the sound of this new all-in package sounds appealing, you can take Rok Mobile for a test drive. Either way, make sure that you use Three’s coverage checker to ensure you have signal where you’ll need it — something we recommend for all network switches — before you take the plunge.

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