Roman coin hoard discovered in a cave in Peak District

Roman coin hoard discovered in a cave in Peak District
Hoard of Roman and Late Iron Age coins which were discovered in the Reynard’s Cave and Kitchen cavern in Dovedale in the Peak District where they have lain undisturbed for more than 2,000 years (Picture: PA)

It’s a beauty spot which is something of a national treasure but a cave in the Peak District has been hiding actual treasure for more than 2,000 years.

A precious hoard of Roman and Late Iron Age coins has been found in Reynard’s Cave, Dovedale – the first time coins from the two separate civilisations have been unearthed together.

The 26 coins, including three Roman ones which pre-date the invasion of Britain in AD 43 and 20 gold and silver Late Iron Age pieces, are thought to belong to the Corieltavi tribe.

Walkers found four coins, sparking a full excavation of the site by the National Trust, helped for the first time by wounded ex soldiers returning from Afghanistan as part of their recuperation.

Archaeologist Rachael Hall said: ‘The coins would suggest a serious amount of wealth and power of the individual who owned them.

‘Was an individual simply hiding his “best stuff” for safe keeping?

‘Or, perhaps speculating, in the hope that the value would increase in the future, like a modern-day Isa?’

Joanne Richardson, who spent ten years in the military, said: ‘It was so exciting and really helped to lift spirits, after several fruitless days of hard graft. Working alongside archaeologists and other veterans was inspiring.’

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