Royal Hospital rolls out WiFi for Chelsea Pensioners

Chelsea Pensioners online with WiFI services at the Royal Chelsea Hospital

The Royal Hospital Chelsea has overseen the installation of a WiFi network across the 17th century building, designed by Sir Christopher Wren, to bring internet connectivity to the entire site.

The WiFi network was provided by Ruckus Wireless and will allow some 360 Chelsea Pensioners and visitors to the historic location, which also hosts events such as the Chelsea Flower Show, to access WiFi on site.

The network was installed in just two days by Computer Products in order to minimise disruption to residents, and uses 24 Ruckus wireless access points and the firm’s Zone Detector management platform.

Joe Aucott, managing director at Computer Products, said there were plenty of challenges installing a network in such an historic, grade 1-listed building.

“A strong signal was required as the building is a densely constructed environment comprising walls that are approximately five to six feet thick, wooden beams and hard flooring, which creates an extremely complex RF [radio frequency] environment,” he said.

Despite these challenges, Isabel Prieto-Cordero, ICT manager at Royal Hospital Chelsea, told V3 that installing a high-grade WiFi network was a must as residents at the hospital increasingly go online around the building with numerous devices.

“We had provided wired internet connections but there were issues with this as it could often go down and there was heavy demand, while the use of mobile devices meant people were using it all over the building, not just their rooms,” she said.

Prieto-Cordero added that, since the network has gone live, the Pensioners have been thrilled with the connectivity it provides, while the fact that the network was installed in just two days was a benefit in terms of minimising disruption.

Huawei touts high-speed WiFi success

In other WiFi-related news Huawei has touted a trial of next-generation WiFi services that are 10 times faster than existing technologies, offering theoretical speeds of up to 10Gbps.

Huawei said that a trial at its campus in Shenzhen had proved the capabilities of services over the 5GHz frequency. A record speed of 10.53Gbps was achieved and Huawei hopes that commercial deployments of the technology could be live by 2018.

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