Russell Brand VS Sean Hannity: Round 2

LiveFreeLiveNatural | August 1, 2014

In a follow up to a story we ran on Wednesday, Watch Russell Brand Expose The Fox News Propaganda Machine, Sean Hannity and Russell Brand have both since issued a response.

First, Hannity took to his Fox News television platform to issue a reply to Brand. (In case you missed the original video posted by Brand which caused the uproar, you can view the video here.)  The Fox pundit resorted to name calling and insults while casually dismissing and perverting Brand’s criticism of his analysis on the situation in Gaza.

Today, the comedian Brand has fired back in Hannity’s direction with a video response of his own showing the childish rebuttal that was offered up by Fox News talking heads. Surprisingly, one of the Fox News correspondents, Geraldo Rivera, partially agrees with Brand’s argument that Israel is going too far in it’s attempt to crush Hamas.

Both Sean Hannity and Russell Brand’s rebuttals can be viewed in the video below:

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