Ryan Reynolds reveals ‘Deadpool’ movie costume (Wired UK)

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The long-awaited Deadpool movie has finally started
shooting, with Ryan Reynolds in the lead role as Marvel’s “merc
with a mouth”. To mark the occasion, the leading man has revealed
the final version of the costume the anti-hero will sport in
director Tim Miller’s movie.

Reynolds tweeted his new couture, saying “With great power, comes great
irresponsibility.” A fitting line, since a running joke in the
comics is people confusing Deadpool for Spider-Man.

It’s a terrifically accurate costume, practically lifted direct
from the page, which is a good sign for fans of the comics.
The sense of humour seems right on point too — posing on a
bearskin rug in front of a roaring fire, in homage to an infamous
(and slightly NSFW) Burt Reynolds photoshoot, is so in character it hurts.

Reynolds previously teased the costume in February — and we mean literally teased, telling fans
it was “ballerina pink”. To be fair, anyone familiar with the
character knows Deadpool could rock that look though.

For anyone unfamiliar, Deadpool is Wade Wilson, a soldier turned
mercenary who gained a ridiculously powerful healing factor in a
military experiment, but is hideously scarred as a result.
Originally appearing in the pages of X-Men
spin-off New Mutants in 1991, his deranged sense of humour
and Looney Tunes level of cartoonish violence has seen him become
one of Marvel’s most popular characters.

Reynolds has been pushing to get a Deadpool movie off
the ground since 2009, when he played a version of the character in
X-Men Origins: Wolverine. A deliberately leaked piece of
test footage went viral last year, winning fans and studio
heads at Fox over.

There’s no real word on what the plot of Miller and Reynolds’
movie will be, beyond an origin flick that ignores the first
Wolverine film. However, it is known it will also feature
Morena Baccarin as “Vanessa”, likely shapeshifter Copycat,
and TJ Miller as Weasel,
Deadpool’s tech wizard ally.

There won’t be long to wait to see Reynolds in action as the
character — Deadpool is set for release in February

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27 March 2015 | 6:30 pm – Source: wired.co.uk


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