Sainsbury’s supermarket to cut 800 jobs in an attempt to have more employees on the shop floor

Sainsbury's to cut 800 jobs
800 positions will face the chopping board (Picture: PA)

Sainsbury’s is the latest supermarket to undergo some serious restructuring due to tough trading conditions, and 800 jobs are to be cut as a result.

The move will enable the supermarket to invest resources in shop-floor roles, replacing night shifts with early-morning and evening shifts in some stores in an effort to improve availability for customers.

Redeployment opportunities will be made available for staff who lose their jobs, however Sainsbury’s have confirmed the changes will result in 800 fewer roles available.

The proposals will help Sainsbury’s achieve some of the £500 million in cost savings it hopes to make over the next three years.

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It said: ‘Reducing the number of department manager roles will give colleagues who serve customers on tills and restock the shelves the opportunity to extend their hours or take additional shifts.

Sainsbury's to cut 800 jobs

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‘This means more customer-facing colleagues will be on hand to offer service, with the right leadership and structures in place.’

The proposals will mostly affect the way stores are restocked overnight and will impact 100 stores across the country.

However Sainsbury’s are not the only supermarket cutting jobs in order to shake up business.

The news comes one week after Morrisons announced they will be recruiting 5,000 in-store staff but cutting 720 head office positions.

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