Sales of hoverboards have doubled since police said they were banned

Sales of hoverboards have doubled since police said they were banned
A ‘swegway’ or hoverboard (Picture Getty)

Cool kids seem to be sticking a middle finger up to ‘The Man’ – as sales of hoverboards have doubled since the police announced the gadgets were banned.

Mark Kelly, marketing manager at commented ‘Within just 24 hours of the CPS’ statement on the use of G-Boards, we have seen a huge boost in traffic to the website and sales rise by 215%.

The Metropolitan Police tweeted yesterday saying that the gadgets are technically motor vehicles, so can’t be used on pavements – but don’t meet official guidelines for use on roads, either.

Legally, according to advice from the Crown Prosecution Service, users have to stick to private property – and ask the permission of the landowner first.

The Met said: ‘They’re technically motor vehicles and therefore have to be registered, licensed and insured to ride on public roads.

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‘The wheels are powered by electric motors which enable it to move, therefore legally it’s a “motor vehicle”.’

Hoverboard owners – celeb fans include Justin Bieber – are not happy, obvs.

Callum McGinley, a Londoner who runs YouTube ‘prank’ channel using the name ‘Callux’, protested: ‘How is a swegway a vehicle?

‘Since when is a 9mph machine more dangerous than a stupid cyclist on a pavement?’

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