Salesforce updates mobile app to connect with SAP, Dropbox and Evernote

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Salesforce has unveiled a major rebuild of its Salesforce1 mobile application in an effort to  improve the ability for users to perform key business tasks on their smartphone, which can now include BlackBerry and Windows Phone devices.

The updated app was unveiled at the firm’s annual Salesforce event in London, attended by V3, with chief operating officer George Hu saying it would be for the business world what the Facebook mobile app has become for the consumer world.

“Salesforce1 is a mobile app and platform that allows you to run your business from your phone,” he said.

To do this Salesforce has added a raft of new features ranging from data drilldown capabilities to community chat features. In total some 30 new features have been added, Hu said.

Key new features include direct access to reports and dashboards for salespeople, to help them access key data while on the move and even integrate it with data sets from other tools, including Dropbox, SAP and Evernote.

The upgrade is designed to help firms meet the demands of what Hu called the “Internet of Customers”.

“We can connect with customers in a whole new way, and think about our business models in a whole new way. It will revolutionise our organisations and it’s a race to get to this new world,” he said.

The new app, which will be available this summer, is accessed through a browser, so can run on all major mobile operating systems, including Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry 10, as well as Android and iOS devices.

The app’s redesign has a similar look and feel to Facebook, with services and capabilities listed on a left-hand side bar, including the ability to access third-party applications running on the Salesforce1 platform, such as Dropbox and Concur.

The app mimics Twitter in the way it displays information on customers in a “profile” style that contains contact information and recent interaction history.

The tool also allows IT teams to set key apps within Salesforce1 that employees must access from a dedicated portal, which can be added or removed in seconds.

The firm’s forthcoming SOS video calling service was also demonstrated at the event, and is available to build into applications so that firms can provide customers with more support when required.

Hu also confirmed that plans to bring a UK datacentre online are on target, with the site set to go live this year, with datacentres in France and Germany coming online in 2015.

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