Samsung and InterDigital reach patent accord

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Wireless research and development firm InterDigital has signed an agreement with Samsung that will end all pending litigation between the companies.

The pair have signed a multi-year agreement and have closed disputes that stretch back into the past decade.

InterDigital and Samsung’s patent licensing subsidiaries have shaken hands on a patent licence agreement that will see the Korean firm pay royalties, according to William Merritt, president and chief executive of InterDigital.

“We are very happy to have resolved the licensing dispute with Samsung on mutually agreeable terms,” he said.

“This agreement with Samsung shows how our long-standing patent licensing framework and process can lead to effective, productive discussions and eventual resolution on fair and reasonable terms.

“The agreement also underscores the broad portfolio of technologies we’ve contributed and continue to contribute to the entire industry, and represents another important step towards our efforts to bring a significant portion of major terminal unit providers under licence.”

Samsung declined to comment on the deal. Financial terms were not disclosed.

InterDigital launched its suit in the US in 2013, then petitioned the ITC for a ban on Samsung imports. The firm already has agreements with Apple and BlackBerry.

V3 reported in 2008 that the two firms were close to an earlier settlement over 2G and 3G technologies, and quoted a rumoured figure of between $400m and $500m. The two firms were agreeing on licences that would run up to 2012.

The deal is the latest peace according between warring tech firms after Apple and Google ceased all litigation between one another. However, a similar deal between Apple and Samsung appears a long way off.

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