Samsung appeals $930m fine in Apple iPhone copying case

Samsung thinks its Apple fine is too large

Samsung is asking the courts to reconsider the $930m damage award against it in its long-running case wiith Apple, arguing that the sum is unfair.

Samsung argues the award it must pay to Apple is too large and makes an unreasonable demand on its finances. We asked Apple to respond to this and it declined to comment.

Samsung confirmed it was appealing the fine in a statement sent to V3, calling Apple’s claims about the extent of damages it sufferd, “grossly exaggerated”.

“We have already filed an appeal, and will continue to take all necessary legal measures to protect against Apple’s grossly exaggerated damages claim. We would like to assure American consumers that this ruling will not affect the availability of
our products in the US market.”

Bloomberg reported that Samsung’s legal representative at the appeals court hearing at Washington, Kathleen Sullivan, as saying the ruling in the first case had been too high: “They awarded Samsung’s total profit for all of these phones – this is absurd. It’s like awarding the profit of an entire car because of infringement of the design of the cupholder.”

Apple lawyer William Lee told the three-judge panel that Samsung had copied the iPhone because sales of it own devices were sinking. “After two years, their market share was plummeting,” Lee said. “In three months, they came up with something that was identical [to the iPhone].”

In 2012, CEO Tim Cook said that the original verdict was a win for “values” as opposed to “patents or money”.

“Today was an important day for Apple and for innovators everywhere,” he said at the time. “The mountain of evidence presented during the trial showed that Samsung’s copying went far deeper than we knew.

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