Samsung Galaxy S6 release date, price and specs

What you need to know about the Galaxy S6

While we found plenty to like about Samsung’s current flagship, the Galaxy S5, it didn’t live up to the Korean firm’s high expectations and failed to match the record-breaking sales of its predecessors.

In fact, the Galaxy S5’s poor performance is widely seen as a key factor contributing to a global drop in Samsung smartphone sales.

According to the latest stats from IDC, Samsung was the only major manufacturer to see a decrease in shipments during Q3 2013, down 8.2 percent year on year to 78.1 million units. The slump was underlined by Samsung’s latest financials, which showed a 60 percent decrease in profits.

Because of this, interest in Samsung’s next flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S6, is intense, with buyers across the world wondering what the firm will bring to the table to reclaim its former glory.

Release date
There is no official word on when the Galaxy S6 will be unveiled let alone released. However, based on past form, most industry watchers believe Samsung will take the wraps off the S6 around the time of Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona in February, which would mean the device going on sale in UK stores around April.

When it comes to upfront cost, Samsung flagships are never cheap. The most basic 16GB version of the Galaxy S5 still carries a hefty £580 sim-free price tag on the official Samsung store and its recently released Galaxy Note 4 phablet costs an even heftier £630.

It’s likely the Galaxy S6 will retail for between £500 to £600 come its release.

Rumblings around the internet suggest Samsung has gone back to the drawing board designing the Galaxy S6 in a bid to regain its “cool factor”, though the specifics of what this actually means remain unknown.

Some have suggested the firm will follow LG’s path and create a curved screen handset similar to the G Flex. Others have reported Samsung will continue the move to metal it began with the Galaxy Alpha and create an entirely aluminium chassis smartphone.

A final theory provided by suggests the Galaxy S6 will feature 5.5in curved display, metalic sides and a “rubberised backplate” (mock up pictured below).Galaxy S6 mock up

With Android 5.0 Lollipop finally being rolled out, it’s likely the Galaxy S6 will come loaded with a customised version of the OS, which considering its wealth of productivity and design perks is no bad thing.

Key upgrades include a reworked user interface, upgraded notifications system that lets you view and manage incoming alerts from the lock screen, and support for 64-bit processors.

The support for 64-bit processors is particularly interesting as it increases the number of chips the Galaxy S6 will come loaded with.

What new features Samsung will add to Android 5.0 also remains a mystery. Samsung has always loaded its flagship smartphones with its custom Touchwiz skin. We’ve always found Touchwiz to be a mixed bag.

On the positive side, the skin has some useful features, such as multi-window support that lets you have two applications open on screen at once.

On the negative side, Touchwiz also has in the past made Android more difficult to use by adding a slew of useless widgets and pointless design tweaks.

Hopefully Samsung will learn from its past mistakes and load the Galaxy S6 with a lighter version of Touchwiz.

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