SAP partners with Accenture to boost S/4HANA cloud software adoption

SAP joins forces with Accenture to boost S/4HANA adoption

SAP has joined forces with Accenture to help smooth the adoption of the cloud-powered SAP S/4HANA suite of business applications.

Accenture will offer companies a way to tailor S/4HANA to suit their individual business needs and fast-track their implementation of the software.

This will involve the development of new apps for S/4HANA Finance that make use of SAP’s Fiori design language. SAP and Accenture will co-invest in resources and provide dedicated executives to improve how S/4HANA is offered to the companies’ mutual clients.

The partnership is also touted as a way to provide S/4HANA with cloud products from other vendors and offer bundles of services tailored to the needs of specific industries.

Paul Daugherty, chief technology officer at Accenture, explained that the partnership will advance the collaboration strategies of both companies and help build on successful integrations of S/4HANA.

“Accenture developers and industry experts are now working side by side with SAP, providing us with unique input, insight and development opportunities with SAP S/4HANA,” he said.

“For example, our teams in Germany and Shanghai are helping SAP with the design and build of the SAP S/4HANA Finance solution. In addition, we plan to involve clients as part of a broader co-innovation strategy to ensure that we are optimising our development efforts for SAP S/4HANA to meet their needs and help them stay competitive across industries and markets.”

Smoother future for S/4HANA?
S/4HANA is a major SAP cloud product that integrates directly with the HANA Cloud Platform, and is described as a way to reduce complicated software stacks in a company’s infrastructure.

However, it has been challenged by some parts of the IT industry because moving to S/4HANA often means abandoning existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) infrastructures and moving to a more uniform cloud-powered product instead.

SAP and other major business software vendors are encouraging adoption of their cloud products, but they are also beginning to abandon support for legacy on-premise ERP software, such as SAP’s ECC 6.0.

Sebastian Grady, president at enterprise software support firm Rimini Street, which offers third-party support for old software, told V3 that this puts companies at risk of being forced to abandon ERP systems that have customisations and configurations that are not supported in the current S/4HANA suite.

“There’s a perfect storm because Oracle and SAP are forced to be so relevant in the cloud, and both companies have announced their whole future is in the cloud. But they don’t have the product, so the existing customers are scared to death,” he claimed when speaking to V3 in November.

“The fear is that [vendors] are not going to invest in [on-premise applications] anymore. But the cloud apps are five or 10 years away, so what do I do in the meantime?”

Accenture could provide the answer, as bundling products from multiple vendors and supporting cloud-based ERP system integrations could help companies make the jump to cloud-based business software without running the risk of using applications that do not suit their business needs.

SAP claims strong growth in its cloud products, and S/4HANA adoption is only likely to increase despite industry fears.

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