SAP touts 1,000 HANA Business Suite users, partners with IBM for logistics sector push

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SAP has been trumpeting the success of its HANA business operations bundle that allows companies to take big data from real-time sources and input it into company processes.

The Business Suite allows organisations to work more intelligently with a faster response time to threats and opportunities, powered by HANA, according to SAP.

The software gives firms the opportunity to drive their enterprise in real time so they can simulate, plan, execute, analyse and predict almost instantly along business-critical end-to-end processes, SAP said.

The company did not release information on market share or how it is doing relative to its biggest rival, Oracle.

Oracle claims its Business Intelligence Foundation Suite offers the most complete, open and integrated solution on the market today.

Supporters of the SAP software include Bangkok Airways, which implemented HANA to streamline its operations.

Puttipong Prasartthong-Osoth, president of Bangkok Airways, said of the suite: “With SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA, our team will gain access to real-time analysis on the performance of the business.

“It’s faster and more accurate than our previous approach, and it will help us make better decisions quickly, strengthen our service offerings and maintain customer loyalty in the highly competitive aviation industry.

“But the true impact goes beyond this. The velocity of computing on SAP HANA makes it an ideal platform for our future applications, and we expect the business value derived from this speed to transform our business.”

Previous strong reviews of HANA’s data analytics service have come from F1 racing team McLaren.

Helena Schwenk, principle analyst at MWD Advisors, told V3 that SAP has shown a big drive to become more embedded in the data management market.

“The market is in its relatively early stages and is still up for grabs. SAP is saying to competitors such as industry giant Oracle: ‘We are capturing more of the market on our own platform’.”

“Moving forward SAP is rolling in more analytic capabilities and more applications within its HANA platform.”

In other SAP-related news the firm announced plans to collaborate with IBM to provide tailored business applications and consulting services for the logistics and transportation sectors.

The companies said would deliver “a next-generation transportation platform that aims to standardise functional processes while enabling innovation at the business process level to improve operational performance”.

The thinking behind the plan is to combine IBM’s experience managing large-scale, global business transformation with SAP’s software expertise.

Till Degnal, vice president of SAP said: “In moving global freight today, the associated information is as important as the physical flow of the goods. Many freight companies are thus updating their legacy IT environments and embarking on large-scale transformational projects.

“By expanding their partnership, SAP and IBM together offer deep expertise in this market and this helps ensure that our customers can successfully transform their business with state-of-the-art IT.”

No doubt rival Oracle will be backing its Value Chain Execution Service to stand up against the new competition.

Running efficiently is crucial to the logistics industry, which faces the challenges of volatile levels of economic activity and ever increasing energy costs. Improved technology will be a key weapon to counter these challenges.

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