Savills bans sex in the office loos after condom blockage, email goes viral

When you’re called to an upmarket London estate agents to unblock their office loos, the last thing you expect to find is a tangled web of used condoms.

But, according to a leaked internal email, that is exactly what Pimlico Plumbers discovered after spending seven hours tirelessly plunging the ladies’ toilets at the Sloane Street branch of Savills yesterday.

After the issue was rectified at great cost, the understandably disgruntled director of the branch bashed out an all-agency email to asking his 50-strong staff to refrain from ‘such activity’ in the office.

Never send an email about sex to 50 people and expect it to stay private
Is the moral of this story ‘don’t send all-agency emails’ or ‘don’t throw used condoms down the loo’. You decide

‘After seven hours Pimlico Plumbers have established the cause of the problem,’ Richard Gutteridge informed his staff.

‘Unfortunately the blockage was caused by a build up of used condoms. Obviously such activity should not be taking place in the office.’

It cost a lot to fix too, something which estate agents at the moment can ill afford… oh wait. Scratch that bit. Anyway, the director went on:

‘As well as it being extremely inconvenient to have both loos out of order for an entire day, this has now cost the office a considerable amount of money.’

Mindful as a local area expert of the shortcomings of the Victorian waterworks in Chelsea, he left his team with this note:

‘Please can we be considerate to the ancient Sloane Street plumbing going forward.’

Course, an ‘internal’ email about loo sex sent to 50 people is never going to stay private for long.

Sure enough, the internet discovered it and less than 24 hours later it has done the rounds of the nation’s estate agents and beyond – most of whom are now speculating wildly as to who the Savills sh*ggers might be.

Before we get too carried away though, Savills has since looked more closely at the matter and discovered that all may not be as it first seemed.

In a statement given to, the head of PR confirmed that while plumbers were indeed called to unblock the loos, the shared drains means the finger cannot be pointed fair and square at hot-blooded estate agents.

‘Plumbers were called in on Wednesday to investigate problems with the ladies’ lavatories in Savills Sloane Street office,’ she said today. ‘It was discovered that the main drainage system, which is shared with adjacent buildings, was blocked with debris including condoms. The blockage has been removed and the system is now working.’


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