Scary UFO-like object spotted buzzing IKEA branch in Siberia

Scary UFO spotted buzzing over Ikea
(Picture: Anton Trubin / The Siberian Times)

A UFO-like object has been buzzing an IKEA branch in Siberia leaving Russians completely baffled.

The fireball emerged out of the sky over the city of Omsk in western Siberia and was spotted as far as Kazakhstan, sparking claims that it was an alien visit.

Footage taken from a car on Tuesday evening shows the object hovering over superstore IKEA in Omsk.

(Picture: Anastasia Shcherbia / The Siberian Times)

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It was also seen in the cities of Tyumen, Tomsk and Novosibirsk.

Astronomers at the planetarium of the Siberian State University of Geosystems and Technologies in Novosibirsk confirmed that it wasn’t a comet but have not yet ruled out if it was a meteor.

There are suggestions that it was a test firing of a Topol RS-12M, ordered by Vladimir Putin.

The missile was launched from Kapustin Yar cosmodrome in southern Russia at 3.12pm (12.12pm GMT) and hit a target at Saryshagan polygon in east-central Kazakhstan.

(Picture: LifeNews / The Siberian Times)

Yet if it was a missile, it reportedly would not have been sighted in western Siberia.

The head of the planetarium suggested it could have been an unreported launch from Plesetsk in northern Russia.

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