Selfie stick helps save teenager’s life

Seflie sticks have pretty much been rendered useless following bans from festivals, nightclubs and other places just screaming for a high profile snap of yourself. 

But before you go snapping it in half, read this: A selfie stick has helped save the life of a teenage girl.

True story.

Erynn Johns, 16, ventured out off the coast of Nantucket, Massachusetts, US, with her father, Derrick, when they got caught in a riptide.

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Selfie stick helps save teenager's life
The duo venture out to sea but quickly get into difficulties (Picture: YouTube)
(Picture: YouTube)
Derrick is pulled to safety and collapses on the beach (Picture: YouTube)

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She didn’t let her stick go throughout the entire time she was having difficulties.

Then, out of no where, a mystery man grabs the stick and pulls her to safety.

He then disappears and swims out to sea to rescue her dad.

Derrick collapses on the beach as a crowd swarms. They were both taken to hospital and are recovering well.

Derrick said: ‘I did a few tours overseas with the Marines, and I never felt that kind of fatigue or fear.’

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