Shana Lutker, 'Paul, Paul, Paul, and Paul,' 2015, installation view.ROBERT WEDEMEYER

Shana Lutker, ‘Paul, Paul, Paul, and Paul,’ 2015, installation view.


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Today’s show: “Shana Lutker: Paul, Paul, Paul, and Paul” is currently on view at Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects in Culver City, California until Saturday, August 22. The exhibition is Lutker’s fourth chapter in her ongoing research-heavy exploration of the many fistfights that occurred during the height of Surrealism—those between the Surrealists and those fought by the Surrealists against their art-world “adversaries.” The fight shown here involves a dinner party meant to honor Symbolist poet Saint-Pol-Roux. The Surrealists, according to the artist statement, clashed with these anti-Surrealist art patrons in what turned into an all out brawl; the work on view, with its scattered plates and upturned tables, is meant to mirror the aftermath of this incident.