Shepherd’s Bush ‘fatberg’ the length of a Boeing 747 takes four days to clear

Jumbo ‘fatberg’ took 4 days to destroy
No flow: The ‘fatberg’ is held together by wet wipes (Picture: Thames Water)

If you tip hot fat down your kitchen sink or wet wipes down the toilet, this is what happens.

There was fat chance of any waste water flowing down the sewer pipe under Shepherd’s Bush Road, west London.

For this ‘fatberg’ was the length of a Boeing 747 and consisted of congealed fat, wet wipes, food, tennis balls and even planks of wood.

It caused flooding inside nearby homes and took Thames Water workers four days to clear.

Fatbergs are pretty revolting - cold cooking oil mixed with wet wipes and all sorts of ugly stuff mixed together blocking our sewers. This one is in Shepherds Bush (Shepherds Bush Road W6) so we'll be putting out some info on it locally to warn people to look after their sewers and not put the wrong stuff down them. This one has led to people having sewer flooding in their homes because the wastewater was unable to get through the pipes NO FEE supplied by Thames Water
Disgusting: Fat and waste fill sewer (Picture: Thames Water)

Using high-powered jets, the watercourse was cleared on Friday.

Dave Dennis, Thames Water sewer operations manager, said: ‘We spend £12million a year tackling blockages, most of them formed because people have tipped cooking fats down the drain and wet wipes down the loo.

The sewers serve an important purpose, they are not an abyss for household rubbish.’

MORE: 15-tonne ‘fatberg’ the size of double-decker bus found blocking London drain

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