Should you pet other peoples’ dogs? Peter Caine says a definite no

'Most aggressive dog trainer ever' sparks debate about petting others' dogs
Is this the world’s most aggressive dog trainer? (Picture: Youtube/Peter Caine)

Controversial dog trainer Peter Caine has sparked a fierce debate on YouTube about the etiquette surrounding petting other people’s dogs in public.

Brooklyn-based Mr Caine uploaded an angry, expletive-filled video attacking people who pet strangers’ dogs because he claims they damage the animals’ training by encouraging them to misbehave.

YouTube commenters, a very vocal community at the best of times, have been split by his controversial point of view.

Some have attacked him by declaring it ‘pathetic advice’, suggesting that, due to his lack of social skills, it is ‘no wonder [he] loves dogs so much’.

However, others have agreed with Mr Caine, saying ‘dogs do get nervous when strangers try to pet them in public and their owner’s not around’.

YouTube commenters have been split by
YouTube commenters have been split by Peter Caine (Pcture: YouTube)

One thing no one appears to deny is that Mr Caine seems a little on the angry side.

But where do you fall in this debate?

Warning: Explicit language

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