Silver coins worth £34 million recovered from sunken WW2 ship SS City of Cairo

Silver coins worth £34 million recovered from sunken WW2 ship
The coins were found after the deepest martine exploration ever (Picture: F. Bassemayousse/ DOS)

Treasure hunters have found WW2 era coins worth around £34 million in the deepest salvage operation in history.

The British-led team recovered the coins from the ocean floor, where they had been since 1942 aboard the SS City of Cairo.

The ship was sunk 480 miles south of St Helena island by a German U-boat while travelling from Bombay to England.

Part of the ship’s cargo was in fact 100 tonnes of silver rupees, destined for Britain to help out with the war effort.

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Record dive rescues $50m wartime silver from ocean floor Shows: Treasure recovered from the SS City of Cairo Credit: F. Bassemayousse/ DOS
(Picture: F. Bassemayousse/ DOS)

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The world presumed the City of Caori was lost to Poseidon’s grasp, however in 2011 a team lead by salvage expert John Kingsford discovered an ‘unnatural object’ on the floor of the South Atlantic.

Having be contracted by the British government his team have finally gotten hold of the treasure… however that isn’t completely true.

The salvage was actually completed in 2013, but the team have only just received permission from the Ministry of Transport to announce it.

More information on the incredible history of the coins and the search for them on the Deep Ocean Search website.

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