Size does matter- man sues hospital for shortening his penis

Size does matter- man sues hospital for shortening his penis
The chap had lost ‘about an inch’ to the length of penis after fracturing it during sex (Picture: feelphotoart)

Sex injuries are never a laughing matter. But imagine a sex session leading to the loss of an inch off the end of your penis… There really is nothing funny about that, right?

Then spare a thought for one paraplegic man who claims that is exactly what happened to him. The unlucky guy fractured his penis during sex with his wife and, after what he says was a misdiagnosis by a nurse, ended up losing ‘about an inch’ off its length.

This man is now suing the hospital for the break-up of his marriage after he lost the ability to have sex for two years – something he says came about because the nurse failed to physically examine his penis.

The lack of proper examination, he says, is what led to an off-site doctor falsely diagnosing him only with minor trauma.

It took two weeks of agony for the man to find out his lovemaking slip-up had seriously damaged his member.

Subsequent surgery to repair the damage meant a 24-month sex embargo for the man – as well as a shortened penis.

The man stated: ‘This has caused a greater impact on my life than when I lost the use of my legs.’

Speaking from a male perspective here, sorry Doc, but can any trauma to the penis ever be considered minor?

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