Smell Of Death At Scene of Downed Flight MH17

Tensions are running high at the site of the crashed passenger jet as the smell of death fills the countryside air in the summer heat of eastern Ukraine, reports Sky’s Stuart Ramsay.

International observers arriving at the disaster scene were confronted by armed rebels who prevented them from carrying out their investigations, with the threat of force if they failed to comply he said.

The pro-Russian militia were “firm” in dealing with the monitors, with a bus initially used to block their convoy before being allowed to proceed, but under strict supervision.

Gunmen then fanned out to prevent them straying into any area they did not want them to inspect.

Ramsay said: “They were told where they could go. If they had attempted to do something it would have got nasty.”

The observers mission had been to check on the debris of the downed plane, the crash site, and bodies being moved, but they were severely hindered in their work by the separatists.

Against this tense stand-off

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