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Snapchat has beaten Facebook to it – despite rumours that the latter was planning to build a cash-sending service into its Messenger app, Snapchat has got there first, and added the ability to send cash to your mates.


The new service, which is currently only available in the United States is made by possible thanks to Snapchat’s partnership with payment first Square: According to the BBC, Snapchat itself won’t get its hands on users’ bank details, which should reassure over any security concerns.

Apparently the way it will work is when sending a private message, if you type an amount of cash with a dollar amount, the app will recognise what you’ve typed and then offer a button to send it in cash.

We’ve no word yet on whether your money will expire and disappear after 30 seconds along with your messages.

By James O’Malley | November 18th, 2014

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