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For the past 35 years Jadan Payeng has been planting trees on Majuli Island in Northern India. The 1,360 acre Molai Forest began as a barren sandbar in the middle of a river. Payeng has turned it into a tropical wildlife refuge singlehandedly. It has become his life’s work.

TreeHugger wrote about him in 2012 and a Canadian filmmaker, William Douglas McMaster read the post. The story captured his imagination and now he has made an award-winning documentary film about Payeng: Forest Man.

© Forest Man

It has been shown at numerous film festivals and we are delighted to be able to show this sneak preview to TreeHugger readers.

© Forest Man

It’s a fascinating and beautifully shot documentary, narrated by his friend, a photographer Jitu Kalita. The sandy island is the biggest river island in the world, and Payeng took it upon himself to plant a part of it. The photographer found him and the forest by chance: he was wandering on the island and saw it from afar. From that serendipitous meeting came fame for Payeng and awards for his incredible achievements.

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