Someone decided to build a brick wall in the door of this train in Hamburg, Germany

Someone decided to build a brick wall in the door of this train
Just… why? (Picture:

It’s such a pain when a mass of commuters stops you from boarding a train, and even more so when it is a brick wall.

Police in Hamburg, Germany, had to deal with this problem recently when some prankster built a brick wall in the door of a train recently.

After spending 12 hours and €10,000 (£7,300) removing the wall, they still have no idea who created it, or why.

Passengers were immediately asked to leave the train when the wall was discovered, however it appears no one witnessed the wall being built.

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Police said the bricks ‘were attached to each other with an adhesive and applied in the door area to the door panel with appropriate adhesive’.

Whether it was intended as a prank or some art, police have simply labelled the act as vandalism, and say the perpetrator could face up to five years in prison or a hefty fine if caught.

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