Sony fails to understand how the world works, and threatens Twitter for hosting links to stolen emails

Poor Sony – the hacking drama might not be over yet. Fresh from losing a tonne of its data and upsetting Kim Jong Un, the company could be about to make another misstep in its handling of the situation.


According to Motherboard, the company has sent some threatening lawyers’ letters to Twitter because users have been reposting the contents of the leaked emails. Presumably the intention is to encourage Twitter to take down the offending posts.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to understand how the internet works – and we’re pretty sure this is going to lead to the Streisand Effect, where an attempt to suppress something will be shared more widely by internet users in retaliation for the attempt at censorship.

So good luck, Sony. You’re going to need it.

By James O’Malley | December 23rd, 2014

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