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When Graham Hill was designing his Lifeedited apartment in New York he would occasionally ask me for advice, all of which was too weird for him. He was really sensitive to noise and felt that he probably would have to air condition the apartment so that he could sleep; I suggested heavy insulated bed-curtains and a tiny thermo-electric Peltier air conditioner for the bed alone. Then I saw the bed Winston Churchill had for flying, and thought it would be a steampunk wonder, the perfect bed for New York City.

Imagine sleeping in a bedpod that is soundproofed and air conditioned, with filtered, pressurized and oxygenated air for a little hyperbaric boost. Given the steel construction, it could even be considered a sort of mini-safe room. This could make a lot of sense; after all, why heat or cool your whole house when all you really need is your pod?

Now it appears that Steven M. Johnson had me beat all along with his 1991 Hiding Capsule. It has it all, including a recliner and a wide screen TV. This looks more comfortable and usable than a capsule hotel room that you enter from the end, but I think not as comfy as Winston’s flying bed:

Scanzen/Public Domain

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