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There are a lot of people out there who think that bike racks have nothing to do with green building, and still spout the canard that “you can get a LEED point for a bike rack” which you can’t. Well don’t bash the bike rack, because as Building Green recently noted in their awards, ” providing conditions that induce 5% of your employees to commute by bike saves as much energy making the building itself use 5% less energy.”

However proper bike infrastructure is more than just an outside bike rack; it’s what Australian company PFL Spaces call “End of Trip facility (EoT) space”- from racks to lockers to showers, all those things that make it easy for a cyclist to securely store their bike indoors and then get changed into work clothes. However, while bikes take up a lot less space than a car, they do take up expensive real estate and there have been lots of attempts at double-stacking them. This means usually that someone has to lift what could be a heavy commuter bike up to above head height and stick it on the rack, which isn’t easy.

Pushbike ArcLloyd Alter/CC BY 2.0

PFL spaces has solved this with their very clever Pushbike Arc, where one simply grabs a handle and pulls the bike down to almost ground level, right over the bike stored below. It “takes bike parking to the next level. Ergonomically designed for the safety of both bike and user, the mild steel base and aluminium arc provide for a reliable, strong, yet easy to lift system.”

pushbike-arc-mechanism© PUshbike Arc

It is a clever, easy to use design. Now distributed through their Portland Office, Richard Morell demonstrated it at Greenbuild in Washington with some style:

bike-rack from Lloyd Alter on Vimeo.

And here is their much more professional video:

The Pushbike Arc from PFL Spaces on Vimeo.

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