Stratolaunch Carrier: World’s biggest aeroplane will be ready to fly in 2016

World's biggest plane that can launch shuttles to take off next year
The future of flight (Picture: Sierra Nevada Corporation)

This is the world’s biggest plane and it’s being built for its maiden flight as early as next year.

The Stratolaunch Carrier is being built at Mojave Air and Spaceport in California and will be so big that it could take astronauts up to send them into orbit.

It’s got a wingspan of 385ft – which is 24ft wider than a football pitch lengthways – and is powered by six 747-style engines.

At the moment, it is being built to help launch satellites that will orbit up to 1,200 miles above Earth.

How it compares (Picture: M Warren US/Wikimedia)

The people behind the massive plane told MailOnline that it would be cheaper to launch shuttle’s from the aircraft at 30,000ft than the current method of launching from earth.

The idea was thought up by Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft, and Burt Rutan, founder of Scaled Composites which took part in the construction of Virgin’s doomed SpaceShipTwo.


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