Street Fighter V coming to PS4 and PC, but not Xbox One (Wired UK)

Street Fighter
Street Fighter

New logo, new game, new characters. (We’re guessing
on the last part, but c’mon, there will be.)

© Capcom

Either by deliberate stealth announcement or because of
somebody’s goof up, Capcom has revealed the existence of Street
Fighter V
. A teaser trailer for the upcoming game briefly appeared on
the publisher’s YouTube channel, before almost immediately being
taken down again.

Of course, this is the internet. There is no “taking it down,”
as the archived version
already proves. While the teaser was likely intended to go live
after tonight’s Game
in Las Vegas, its early reveal will undoubtedly
disappoint one segment of players — Street Fighter
won’t be coming to Xbox One.

Instead, the new game is labelled as launching exclusively on PlayStation 4 and PC. That’s
arguably not terribly surprising given Capcom is a Japanese
company, and the Xbox family of consoles has never quite gained
traction in the country. Although this could be a timed exclusive,
if you factor in the steamrolling success of the PS4 and Capcom’s
own surprisingly well-received PC ports of previous games, it
doesn’t bode well for owners of Microsoft’s console wanting to
practise their hadoukens in the future.

There doesn’t seem to be any footage of the new game in the
leaked trailer — the snippets of gameplay seen are from previous
Street Fighter games, unless the fifth instalment ends up
looking very similar to Street Fighter IV. It instead
tries to be almost inspirational focussing on the legacy of the
franchise, the immense fan culture surrounding it, and its spread
into other forms of media, such as anime and American comics.

There’s no hint of a release date for the game yet. On the plus
side, the announcement of SFV should mean there won’t be
any further upgrades or tweaks of the previous entry, meaning it’s
finally safe to buy Ultra Street Fighter IV. Well,

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