Stripper squatter ‘from hell’ Sara Rogers terrorises family and mum Carrie with loud sex noises and loaded gun in Shadow Hills, California

As squatting stories go, this one’s pretty extreme.

A mother-of-one has been living in fear after her tenant turned into a squatter.

The homeowner from California, who asked to be known simply as Carrie, told news channel KTLA5: ‘My house has turned into a battleground.’

Carrie explained her tenant was fine for the first year, but then in late 2013 everything changed.

Her lodger – a 26-year-old stripper called Sara Rogers – suddenly moved friends in, got a cat, installed an air conditioning unit and started making loud noises at all times day and night.

Carrie told KTLA5: ‘The screaming, the spanking, the moaning… that would wake the dead – and my five-year-old.’

'Stripper squatter' terrorises family with loud sex and loaded gun
‘Squatter from hell’: Sara Rogers (Picture: KTLA5)

Carrie said she tried to talk to Rogers about her behaviour but, despite claiming she was legally in the right, her tenant-turned-squatter served her with a cease and desist order for criminal stalking and harassment.

After that the situation progressively got worse.

Rogers stopped paying rent, and also tried to keep the family out of their own house (where they’ve lived for over 20 years) by putting up industrial chains and changing the locks.

Stripper squatter, Sara Rogers, Carrie, KTLA5, Squatters, California squatter, Nightmare tenant
Carrie, the unluckiest homeowner in California (Picture: KTLA5)

Scariest of all, when Carrie called the police to report flooding coming from Rogers’s room, they warned her that she and her child were in danger.

She explained: ‘Five officers came up and said to me “there is a loaded handgun in there… you have an unsecured door and an unsecured weapon in a house where you have a five-year-old, you’re in trouble”.’

So far the ‘nightmare’ Carrie describes has cost her around $40,000 (£23,400), and her lawyer – who has encountered Rogers before and told Carrie she’s a serial squatter – has just advised her to pay Rogers $4,000 (£2,300) to settle out of court.

Potentially money well spent.

Stripper squatter, Sara Rogers, Carrie, KTLA5, Squatters, California squatter, Nightmare tenant
Carrie’s home in Shadow Hills, California (Picture: KTLA5)

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