Student weed smoking is at its highest level in 35 years

Student weed smoking is at its highest level in 35 years
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Students are more stoned than they’ve been in 35 years – since the Seventies, the era of long hair, beards and five-minute guitar solos.

A study found that the number of students smoking marijuana every day is higher than it’s been since 1980 in America.

The rise follows moves to punish dope smokers less severely across the U.S. – leading up to several states such as Colorado decriminalising the use of marijuana completely.

Nearly 6% of college students reported using weed daily or near-daily in 2014, up from 3.5% in 2007.

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Both those figures are less than the mind-scrambling 7.2% recorded in 1980, the University of Michigan’s Monitoring the Future study found.

‘It’s clear that for the past seven or eight years there has been an increase in marijuana use among the nation’s college students,’ said Lloyd Johnston, the study’s principal author.

‘And this largely parallels an increase we have been seeing among high school seniors.’

In 2014, 35% of 19-to-22-year-old high school graduates said they thought regular marijuana use was dangerous compared to 55% in 2006, the study said.

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