Students fall into basement as floor collapses during party in Birmingham

That's some party: Students fall through floor into basement
Damage: Wooden flooring surrounds a fireplace of the cellar below (Picture: Caters)

A student house party ended in tears when a floor collapsed beneath the weight of 100 revellers – plummeting them into the basement.

Men clambered over women to get out of the building, with paramedics saying it was a ‘miracle’ that no one was seriously injured.

Qadar Adde, who was DJing at the time, said: ‘We were all dancing and then we felt the floor wobbling. We were all really lucky.

‘A huge piece of concrete fell off the wall and that could have seriously hurt someone. We got away with cuts and bruises.’

The packed party, in Birmingham, was in celebration of three birthdays.

According to Mr Adde, fire crews believe that a damp problem caused the collapse. He lost all of his DJing equipment in the incident during the early hours of Saturday.

The flat was being rented by six second-year students who are waiting for their landlord to contact insurers.

‘This had the potential to be a very different situation,’ a West Midlands Ambulance Service spokesman said.

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