Surface Book: Top 10 features of Microsoft’s Windows 10 laptop

Surface Book: Top 10 features of Microsoft's Windows 10 laptop

Microsoft caught everyone off guard this week when it unveiled its first laptop, the Surface Book.

The device, something of an inversion of the Surface Pro, is more of a laptop than a tablet and certainly caught the attention of many, especially those hankering for a more powerful, work-oriented machine, but with the portability that the Surface Pro offers.

V3 has put together a round-up of the 10 most interesting features of the Surface Book as Microsoft looks to claw its way back into the device market.

10. Over 10 hours battery life

Surface Book

Battery life remains one of the most important features of any portable device, whether phone, tablet or laptop, especially as more of us work on the go from different locations thoughout the day.

Microsoft has loaded the Surface Book with enough battery to survive 12 hours of video playback, according to Microsoft’s tech spec page for the Surface Book, although it has not specificed the size of the battery.

This is fairly hefty, as it suggests that normal use – web browsing, email, typing etc – will provide even longer life, which will definitely appeal to those fed up with having to find a socket every few hours.

The split battery life when the device is used as a tablet seems to vary between three and six hours depending on what you read.

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