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To inspire sustainable fashion, Sweden has started a ready-to-share collection of clothing that gives and gives again.

Oh Sweden. You and your carbon-negative data centers and enviable low antibiotic-resistance, your beautifully confounding lack of garbage and mirrored treehouses! You put the rest of us to shame. What new tricks will you decide to parade about in the name of caring for your people and the planet?!

Well beginning January 20, the answer is ShareWear, a collection co-created by Sweden’s foremost fashion designers, aiming to make “ready-to-share the new ready-to-wear.” Pieces from the collection will be shared on Instagram and the first person to comment on an item may borrow the piece for a week. At the end of the week, the borrower puts the item forward by reposting on Instagram with #sharewear, at which point it gets shared again. And again and again. The initial items offered have been designed by some of Sweden’s most prominent brands including Filippa K, Hope, House of Dagmar, NIKOLAJ d’ETOILES, Uniforms for the Dedicated, Weekday and Whyred.

Sweden's sharewear© ShareWear

“Each year millions of tons of textiles are thrown away in Sweden and other countries around the world, even though almost all of it could be recycled, donated or repurposed,” says Sofia Kinberg, Global Marketing Director at Visit Sweden. “The ShareWear collection aims to raise awareness in the industry of this issue, while also offering an alternative solution.”

The program is part of Sweden’s Democreativity Initiative, a platform designed to promote and create ideas that focuses on a new topic each year; last year it was creativity in the gaming industry, this year the focus is creativity and sustainability within the fashion industry.

The system for sharing is pretty straightforward, as described on the ShareWear site:

1. Search for the hashtag #sharewear on Instagram. If you see an item you would like to borrow be quick to comment. The first person to comment gets to borrow it!

2. Set up a meeting with the person that is currently in possession of the item. We do not provide a shipping service, so make sure you are able to pick it up in person.

3. Get dressed up in your ShareWear and hit the town! After a week it is time to share the item forward by posting it on Instagram, adding the hashtag #sharewear and your geolocation.

Sweden's sharewear© ShareWear

“The aim of ShareWear is to inspire a more sustainable way of being fashionable. Sharing clothes instead of throwing them away is good for your wallet and good for the environment. Share them forward if you want to be fashion-forward,” says Henrik Selin, Head of Department for Intercultural Dialogue at Swedish Institute.

And while there could potentially be all kinds of complications – what if something is not re-shared? What if something is damaged? and so on – this is Sweden, where they have no garbage and they build mirrored treehouses. If this can work anywhere, it’s there.

Following the launch on Instagram the ShareWear collection will be available in a digital showroom that can be accessed at Sharewear.se.

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20 January 2016 | 5:18 pm – Source: treehugger.com


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