Swettenham Arms, Congleton: Burglar sends landlady Frances Cunningham ‘sorry’ note and £100 – 22 years after robbing Cheshire pub

Burglar sends landlady 'sorry' note and £100 - 22 years after robbing pub
‘Very surprised’: Mrs Cunningham only vaguely remembered the break-in (Picture: Kelvin Media)

The owners of a pub in Cheshire were stunned when they received a cheque and an apology letter – for a burglary committed 22 years ago.

Frances Cunningham, who co-owns the Swettenham Arms in Congleton, was sent £100 and an accompanying note, apologising for the 1992 crime.

In the letter, the burglar says she didn’t ‘smash up the cigarette machine’ but was involved in the burglary.

‘I’m very, very sorry,’ read the note.

‘I did not realise the seriousness of my actions at the time.

Owners of the Swettenham Arms pub near Congleton in Cheshire received a letter and a cheque for £100 in the post from a woman who was involved in a burglary at the pub...22 years ago. Owner Frances Cunningham (pictured) received the letter from the woman who said she was very sorry for the raid in 1992. Pictured is the letter.
Forgiven: Mrs Cunningham says she intends to write back (Picture: Kelvin Media)

‘I am so ashamed and sad because of the fear it may of induced and the cost and time.

‘I hope that you will never be bothered by such cruelty ever again.’

But Mrs Cunningham admitted that she only ‘vaguely’ remembered such a break-in.

(Picture: Geograph/Elliot Simpson)
The burglary took place the Swettenham Arms in 1992 (Picture: Geograph/Elliot Simpson)

‘This came as a complete and absolute surprise to me to open the envelope and to have a cheque for £100,’ she told BBC Radio Five Live.

‘I shall most definitely write back to her and say please don’t worry about this any more because your honesty now more than makes up for that.’

Mrs Cunningham has said she will donate the money to her local church.

The note concluded: ‘P.S. If there are any further costs, let me know.’

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