Symantec buys NitroDesk Android kit for enterprise email

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Symantec has announced the acquisition of NitroDesk, an enterprise email security management firm whose software it already offers.

NitroDesk announced the deal in a splash on its homepage, saying that it will take its 3,000 enterprise customers and their millions of staff to Symantec.

“Combining our expertise with Symantec will help us to better meet customer needs and broaden our capabilities as we move forward in our shared mission to secure corporate data on mobile devices,” the firm said. “Thank you to our valued customers for your support.”

Symantec said that NitroDesk Touchdown customers will not notice any immediate change to their service, but should be advised that this may not be the case forever.

Additional information will be shared regarding product migration and more in advance of any changes,” (PDF) the firm said.

Symantec added that customers who use the software as part of its services would see only improvements as the two became more closely linked.

“NitroDesk shares our mission of securing corporate data on mobile devices, and we are very excited to have NitroDesk join us in delivering this vision,” the company added.

Symantec has an obvious eye on BlackBerry customers that may have lost faith in the Canadian provider, and other enterprises that have suffered with difficult to use third-party apps.

“Many third-party applications, including native email applications, lack in either functionality, security or usability,” the statement continued.

“With the fate of BlackBerry looking grim, the majority of enterprises relying on BlackBerry are looking for alternative mobile business email options.”

The deal closed last week. Financial details of the buy were not disclosed.

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