TalkTalk, Ashley Madison and Bettys tea room: Top 10 cyber hacks of 2015

Security incidents always dominate the headlines throughout the year, and 2015 has proved no exception after a host of notable data breach and hacking incidents.

These have ranged from huge thefts of customer data to breaches of systems and website takedowns, causing chaos and confusion for customers and those who work for the affected firms.

The TalkTalk hack has put the risks to businesses from cyber attackers squarely back in the spotlight, and with Halloween around the corner V3 has put together a top 10 of the biggest incidents this year, to underline just how widespread this threat is and why businesses should take precautions so they don’t become another victim, this year or the next. Don’t have nightmares.

10. Bettys tea room

Bett's tea room in Harrogate

A Yorkshire tea room chain may not seem the most obvious target for a cyber attack, but that makes it the perfect example of why businesses of all shapes and sizes need to be aware of cyber risks.

The breach was revealed in May, when Bettys admitted that some 120,000 customers who use its website to order items were affected. The attack used an “industry-wide software weakness” to access the firm’s systems.

Customer names, email addresses and encrypted passwords were stolen during the raid, although the company said that no financial data was affected.

“It’s a completely unprecedented event for us and we’re extremely sorry that the breach has occurred,” Bettys added.

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