Tattoo artists reveal terrible tattoo ideas they turned down on Reddit

Tattoos can be beautiful, inventive forms of expression. Some tattoos are pretty terrible. Some tattoos are really, really terrible.

But have you ever thought about the tattoo ideas that are so awful that tattoo artists have point-blank refused to do them? No?

Thankfully, Reddit users have. And we’ve bought them to life for you…

The most terrible tattoo ideas ever...
At least it’s an alternative to love/hate (Picture: Will Steacy/Getty Images)


‘Some 18 year old kid wanted GOAT LOAF across his knuckles. I told him that sounded like a bad idea. He told me it was his nickname, and he was convinced he would never regret it. I refused, and on his way out of the shop, I saw “GOAT LOAF” embroidered into the back of his fitted cap. I almost changed my mind, it was so damn funny.’

bad tattoos, bad tattoo ideas
Just, no. (Picture: Getty Images/ArtBox Images RM)

Chasing nuts

‘My tattoo artist (who is a close friend of mine) refused to give a guy thigh length tattoos of squirrels going after the dude’s nuts.’

bad tattoos, bad tattoo ideas, Lou Bega
Wahey! Remember Lou Bega?! (Picture: Coto Elizondo/Getty Images)

Bega bum

‘When I first turned 18 I was going to get a portrait of Lou Bega tattooed on my ass cheek. The first two places I went told me no and I gave up. I’m really glad they said no.’

Enter if you dare

bad tattoos, bad tattoo ideas
(Picture: Win Initiative/Getty Images)

‘”Welcome” with an arrow pointing down to his crotch in his belly region. He was drunk to say the least.’

And this is what happens when nobody says no…

bad tattoos, bad tattoo ideas
Superman logos: fine on t-shirts, bad on foreheads (Picture: Paul Burns/Getty Images)

‘I was at the Full Moon Party in Koh Phangnan, Thailand. I went down to the beach to watch the sun rise (because basically no one passes out before it rises). There was this guy just sobbing, with his head in his hands. I asked if he was ok, and looked up. He had a Superman logo tattooed on his forehead. For his sake, I wish someone had told him no.’

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