Team captures record of Mont Blanc (Wired UK)

Mont Blanc is one of the world’s most potentially deadly mountains; most people aren’t going to complete the 15,720 feet ascent to its summit. Thankfully Google has done the hard work so we don’t have to. 

A Google Street View team partnered up with a number of photographs, skiers, climbers and thrill seekers to climb western Europe’s largest mountain and capture it in 360-degree images. 

The team behind the project captured not just the snowy and icy parts of the mountain, which can be explored in Street View, but also the general life and ecosphere that accompanies the destination. Views show ski shops, how athletes compete in the valleys surrounding the mountain, and the most popular routes 20,000 people a year use to traverse the mountain’s difficult conditions. 

There’s a serious side to capturing the mountain as well. The Google team also captured how global warming is changing the natural surroundings: images show how glaciers in certain areas of the region are melting.

“So this Street View imagery also serves as a digital record of Mont Blanc as it appears today, so future outdoor enthusiasts and scientists can look back at this time capsule to see how the mountain has changed,” Google explained on its blog.

Meanwhile the company has also been down the corridors of Buckingham Palace to open the historic building to those online. 

Using Google’s budget Cardboard virtual reality viewer the Google Expeditions team have given a glimpse into the life of the British royals. The (incredibly) well spoken Charles Anthony Johnstone-Burt, the Master of the Household, opens the tour of the palace, which is recorded using a GoPro Jump right and a 16-camera setup. 

The VR video is also available as a 360-video tour and is the latest in a series of videos from the Google team that takes users to places that aren’t easily accessible. 

Here’s six other places you can visit by Google Street View and virtual reality: 

White House 

The Miniatur Wunderland


Carnegie Hall 

British Museum


Brazil’s world cup stadiums


Palace of Versailles


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