Teen jumped on stage during a Broadway show to charge phone because ‘girls were calling’

He needed to charge his phone because ‘girls were calling all day’.

You know how it is.

There’s nothing worse than running out of battery when you need to call somebody – just ask Nick Silvestri.

A video of the 19-year-old trying to charge his phone during a Broadway stage has gone viral.

But if you think Silvestri has been left embarrassed by footage of him clambering on the stage during Hand to God and trying to insert his charger into a fake plug socket, then you’re way off the mark.

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Teen jumped on stage during a Broadway show to charge phone
A teen jumped on stage during Hand to God (Picture: YouTube)

‘Girls were calling all day. What would you do?’ he told Playbill.com.

‘I saw the outlet and ran for it. That was the only outlet I saw, so I thought, ‘Why not?

‘I figured it wouldn’t be a big deal if my phone was up there too.’

Turns out it was a big deal and he got heckled. A lot.

Silvestri has played the situation to his advantage, when asked what he’d say to the cast he interrupted, he cheekily suggested: ‘Hey, I’m sorry if I delayed your show five minutes. But you got a lot of attention from this, so maybe I made your show a little better.’

Hmmm, we’re not sure the internet agrees with you *entirely*…

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10 July 2015 | 9:31 pm – Source: metro.co.uk


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